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Here are some routes around Denison Armoury.  Click on the link for a large picture.  All distances start and stop at the first gate in to the first parking lot, unless shown otherwise.  If you have any routes you wish to submit, please email the webmaster.


3K route #1: Sheppard - Dufferin - Rimrock loop

4K route #1: East on Sheppard

4K route #2: North on Wilson Heights

4K route #3: Sheppard - Wilson Heights - Steeprock - Chesswood loop

4K route #4: Back roads behind Denison Armoury

5K route #1: Sheppard - Chesswood - Finch - Dufferin loop

5K route #2: Back route behind Denison Armoury

6K route #1: East on Sheppard

10K route #1: Dufferin - Finch - Keele - Sheppard loop


Some common distances, if you wish to make your own route:



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