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Check out the links below for some useful information for runners:

RUNNING TIPS & ADVICE: - Daily running news, running tips for beginners & advanced, injury prevention and equipment reviews - Fitness information, message board, online running log, training tips for runners of all ages - The Running Room's official web site.  Purchase items online, get store & clinic info, read up on running tips - Winter running advice, attire, visibility and safety - Diet tips for runners.  Proper sports nutrition is often the most neglected part of a runner's training.  Do you really know exactly what you should be eating before and after you go for a run?  How about 3-4 days before a long run?



National Capital Marathon - An annual event in Ottawa at the end of May.  This year's half and full marathons are taking place on 29 May.  Other events happening the weekend of May 28-29: Half & full marathon - inline skates, 2K run & walk, 5K run & walk, 10K run & walk.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - A great flat course along Toronto's waterfront.  This year's events are taking place on 25 Sep and include a half & full marathon run and a 5K run & walk.

The Toronto Marathon - A more challenging course.  Both the half and full marathons start at Mel Lastman Square in North York and travel through to streets of Toronto to finish at Queen's Park.  Also has a 5K run.  This year's events are on 16 Oct.

Niagara Casino Marathon - The only marathon in the world that starts in one country and finishes in another.  The full marathon starts in Buffalo NY and then crosses the Peace Bridge to Fort Erie and continues along the Niagara River Parkway to finish at the Niagara Falls.  The half-marathon starts at the 13.1 mile mark of the full marathon and follows the same route as the full marathon to also finish at the Niagara Falls.  Also features a 5 K run.  Event date for 2005 is 23-Oct.



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